Now, this is a story all about when,
A podcast concern decided I was in.
So I’d like to take a minute,
Just read on past,
I’ll tell you how I became the host of another podcast.

Just East of Cheeseman park, by flowers and haze,
At the gardens botanic was where I spent most of my days.
Patrolling and workin’, and bouncing some tool,
And dealing with people with drama from high school
When I meet this cat, with patches on his jacket of tweed,
Started telling me which comics to read.

I got in one conversation and Michael was fair,
He said “I love Superman but cinematically it’s not there.”

I argued for Reeves, because he was the best,
Man was good as Clark, but great with an “S” on his chest.
If anything I could say this friendship was tight,
So I asked Salamone, “You got Namor or Auqaman in a fight?”

I did a podcast or three, it felt like seven or eight,
and I had a good following by some weird twist of fate.
So now I look at this network,
And I’m ready to be heard,
So sit back and listen while I’m Tending the Nerd.